Action plans and to increase the local administration’s adoption of community plans.
To improve development policies at the national and local levels.

To develop and implement strategies whereby the organization can be assured of long-term financial sustainability.

The rights of all children and women especially young girls are respected, protected and fulfilled.

All children, women and young girls have access to care, education and opportunities so that they can become healthy and productive citizens.

All the communities have the resources they need to care for their orphans and vulnerable children, less privileged young and old male and female.

All our staff that are engaged in the effort to assist children, women, less privileges and displaced are committed to working collaboratively.

To provide food to the needy and also agricultural equipment and material to teach the local people the effective ways of farming so that they can better take care of their future.

To provide water to communities with bad or no drinking water and dig wells and bore holes in the most effected areas where water is needed mostly.