The Vision of CWADC is "to improve the quality of life of the rural people in the region. Our Vision is to develop understanding among members for better appreciation of each other's problems and to explore opportunities for collaboration of efforts for sustainable agricultural and rural development.

To collaborate with the appropriate international and regional organizations, including UN agencies, the national bodies, governmental or non-governmental, both in the developed and developing countries, for purposes of taking action to accelerate agriculture and rural development in the region.

To hold international and regional conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings to facilitate exchange of ideas and experiences among the people and to identify new areas of collaboration;

To organize and facilitate the conduct of international, regional and in-country training programmes to strengthen the institutional capacity of the people in sustainable agriculture and rural development and promote networking among these countries through exchange of views, experiences and good practices;

To initiate research and action research studies of specific or common interest and disseminate disaggregated data/statistics and information to the people;

To provide technical and financial support to the people of the region and to undertake pilot projects for experimentation and replication;

To serve as a clearing house and data bank for communication and information on agriculture and rural development and promote dissemination of such information through multi-media approach; and to pursue environment and climatic changes in the context of rural development.